Sunday, December 31, 2006

A 2006 RFID Wrap-up

RFID Law Journal
Newsletter No. 35
December 31, 2006

The U.S. federal government played a significant role in driving RFID adoption in 2006 through its agency mandates, policies and spending decisions. A compliance-driven marketplace was particularly evident among DoD suppliers, who scrambled to educate themselves on the RFID and UID mandates. In 2006, it became evident that a number of other agencies will also play significant roles in establishing the timeline for adoption. While the federal government proved that it could promote the growth of RFID applications in 2006, industry participants faced initiatives, including those pertaining to privacy and data protection legislation, which could have tempered RFID’s growth in the coming years. The basic message - the industry must more effectively work with legislators to educate the public about the technology and its applications.

It seems likely that RFID legal developments in the coming year will probable follow a couple of trends established in 2006, including (1) expansion of the mandate-driven market, especially among DoD suppliers; (2) further adoption driven by government policies and spending decisions and (3) continuation of the privacy debate, which could potentially temper deployment decisions by government participants outside of basic supply chain applications.

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