Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Rough Life in the Spinach Patch!

RFID Law Journal
Newsletter No. 17
September 26, 2006

Auto identification technologies provide improved risk management tools to those deploying RFID into their supply chain, and as a result, should improve the risk management profile of those with operational systems. In our September, 2006 feature article “Products Liability Implications of Auto ID Deployments within the Aerospace Sector,” we pointed out that in the context of aviation disasters, advanced (and currently commercially available) auto identification technologies could enable a faster, more granular piecing together of an aviation disaster, resulting in, among other things, (1) a reduction in the number of litigants as non-involved manufacturers are definitively ruled out as contributory causes of aviation accidents, (2) swifter government investigations with commensurately better safety practices and (3) improved product recall processes.

Fast-forward to one of today’s top news stories, indicating that after three weeks, health officials have finally identified two bags of baby spinach that tested for the E. Coli strain being packaged in the same plant on the same day. This is a ludicrous result for stakeholders. In lieu of a granular system which gives all stakeholders reliable information in hours/days, we’ve built an infrastructure which responds within weeks of an outbreak. For consumers, the logical response is to stop consuming the product until an all clear is sounded by regulators and industry participants. For the industry, it’s an unmitigated disaster, essentially requiring all industry participants from distributors to retailers to take the product out of the supply chain – even if there’s nothing wrong with their products! Improved pedigree achieved with auto identification tools is an achievable goal, and it is unfortunate that stakeholders usually fail to take into account an improved risk management profile when making auto identification technology deployment decisions.

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