Friday, September 01, 2006

GSA Policy Supports RFID Deployment

RFID Law Journal
Newsletter No. 3
September 1, 2006

Current U.S. federal policy generally supports deployment of RFID by federal agencies. In December, 2004, the GSA issued Bulletin FMR B-7 (Radio Frequency Identification) directing all U.S. federal agency heads to review their processes and consider strategies for the future use of RFID technologies with a view toward improving personal property management, asset visibility, and maintenance practices and facilitating supply chain management improvement. In view of this directive, many federal agencies have been proactively considering RFID deployment.

This policy is supported by early stage pilot successes, such as the oft-cited successful deployment of RFID warehouse tracking by the Social Security Administration in 2003. This RFID-enabled warehouse management system realized faster order processing, eliminated backlogs, increased pick rates threefold, substantially improved filing rates for both normal and urgent orders, and enabled the SSA to recover 60,000 square feet of warehouse space.

As RFID applications became more varied and robust in the coming years, one would expect policy makers to increasingly turn to automated identification technologies, including RFID, to improve their monitoring capabilities for critical objects (e.g., hazardous waste) and reduce the costs of tracking and managing large repositories of paper, such as libraries, court documents, etc.

GSA Bulletin FMR B-7 (Radio Frequency Identification):

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